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The Gurin Company, Action Time to reboot 1980s game show “Game for a Laugh”

October 9, 2020

Emmy Award-winning production outfit The Gurin Company, led by Phil Gurin, has partnered with UK-based formats producer Action Time to reboot the popular 1980s entertainment format Game for a Laugh.

The original British primetime comedy game show ran over five seasons and encompassed four specials between 1981 and 1985. The format revolved around a variety of practical jokes, elaborate set-ups on unsuspecting members of the public and in-studio games.

The Gurin Company and Action Time, which was relaunched in September 2018 by former DRG executive Jeremy Fox, are reviving the game show format, which takes place both in-studio and on-location, and are refreshing the set, cast, games, practical jokes and surprise guest celebrities.

What remains from the original format are the stunts, and surprises on unsuspecting members of the studio and home audience, according to a release.

The Game for a Laugh reboot is the first project to emerge from Action Time since the company’s restart.

“The opportunity to reinvent a classic comedy format like Game for A Laugh is so exciting,” said Gurin (pictured) in a statement. “And thanks to current technologies, we can rely on unique production methods and the intricacies of social media to truly freshen for contemporary audiences. A show full of creative games and stunts and good-natured fun is what we all need right now.”

Added Fox, who developed and produced the original series: “2020 will go down as one of the most depressing years of the century so what’s better than to bring back one of the most fun-filled series of the past?”

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