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CBC, Gurin Co. Partner Up

April 16, 2014 / News  

The Gurin Company is happy to announce our new partnership with CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “Canadian pubcaster, the CBC, is teaming up with U.S. indie The Gurin Company to develop new formats that will launch in North America before being distributed globally. The venture is being billed as an international first for both The Gurin Company and the CBC, and aims to promote Canadian content on a global platform. ‘By partnering with CBC we will be able to work with some of the best creative minds in Canada to develop exciting new formats,’ said Phil Gurin (pictured above), president and CEO of The Gurin Company.

‘We look forward to collaborating with these top Canadian producers and production companies to create, develop, sell, produce and distribute original and globally-focused new formats.’

Jennifer Dettman, the CBC’s exec director for studio and unscripted content, added: ‘CBC continues to be a huge advocate of these kinds of partnerships, particularly when we can continue to produce great content right here at home. When Phil approached us, we were very interested in the opportunity and we’re pleased to partner with The Gurin Company, who are such supporters of international production and content.’

The Gurin Company’s past format successes have included bringing the BBC’s The Weakest Link format to America for runs on both NBC and in syndication; bringing Test the Nation to Fox after its launch in The Netherlands; and bringing Japan’s Dragon’s Den format to the States, where it became ABC’s Shark Tank.”

Read more: http://realscreen.com/2014/04/05/mipformats-14-cbc-gurin-co-sign-formats-partnership/#ixzz2yEoy6n4t